The Road Ahead

Here’s where Love Not Fear will go. We will start with two targets: the lack of local community and the fear-addicted media and political environment.  We will create ways to make it easy to build local community for themselves and the people around them, giving tools to the natural “doers” who want to organize and a gateway for everyone else to come along for the ride.  We will identify counter-programming for people who want to balance their media diet with less fear and more love.  And we’ll find ways to change the culture by amplifying our voice and flying the Love Not Fear flag that are fun, personal and effective.

But first, we need a “we”.

I’ll be working on building a team to direct this work, not only because the moving parts are more than one person can find time to do and more complex than one person knows how to do, but also because the nature of a movement to build community should begin by engaging people in community.

If you know anything about social media or building websites or e-mail programs or forming non-profits or e-commerce sites or online communities, I need you.

If you don’t know anything about any of that stuff, well, while we work on all of it, there are a few things you can do today. Like the Facebook page. Follow the Twitter. Subscribe to the YouTube. Follow the Instagram. And then give me examples of the fear-addiction we need to overcome or examples of its antidote, love, and how it plays out in your life, your community and your media stream by using the #LoveNotFear hashtag and/or sending me an e-mail at

Let’s do stuff.


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