You think we need one more?


In the week that Love Not Fear has gone from an idea to an idea with a WordPress blog and a Facebook page, some things are already happening.  First of all, and less importantly, the two channels are evolving – the Facebook page (and Twitter handle) are where the action is for now, and the blog is more of a chronicle of what’s happening. (If you ever wanted to manage a social media channel, I could use the help with the FB and Twitter, and Instagram and YouTube are wide open. Just e-mail me (

I am a big fan of Ocean’s Eleven (the Clooney version), and it’s really all about the one stretch near the beginning of the movie when Clooney’s Danny Ocean and Brad Pitt’s Rusty Ryan are putting together the team. I love that phase of any effort, because it’s all about possibilities, identifying and recruiting your targets, and being surprised by the unknowns. Invariably, in any effort I’ve been a part of, people you planned to get involved play a big role, but people you never really planned to play a big role end up being superstars. Already, here we are. But we definitely need more than one more. Can you be one more?

Be like Heidi. My friend Heidi was one of several people I invited to like the Facebook page this week. Since I haven’t promoted it (yet) other than through my personal Facebook pleas, I was surprised yesterday to start seeing “likes” from people I’ve never met. I realized they all had one thing in common: Heidi. For inviting her friends to join the Love Not Fear movement, Heidi is my hero.

Be like Beth. Beth was the first to send me things that crossed her path that tie into the Love Not Fear concept. I’ve gotten others since then, and I’m still figuring out how to share them. I’m avoiding anything that targets an individual political candidate, but I love getting and sharing content to pass along that captures the fear-based culture we live in and that offers hope for a loving alternative. Beth is my hero for being the first to share ideas. You can, too! Post them, use the hashtag #lovenotfear, or e-mail me (again,

Be like John. When I started to think of what this might look like organzationally, I reached out to my nephew John, who is a lawyer who works with start-ups, and he was quick to give me guidance.  There is a lot to do to turn Love Not Fear from a blog and a Facebook page into the movement I outlined here. If you know how to do some of this stuff, or know someone who does, let me know. John is my hero for pointing me in the right direction.

Be like Rich. Rich was the first on my list of “targets” – people who, because of their professional experience and/or personal passion, I knew I wanted to reach out to, both to reality-test whether this notion of Love Not Fear had any merit and to enlist their help and expertise. At the end of a fairly long conversation with Rich (and his colleague Lydia), he said, “I’m in. I don’t know what that means, and you don’t know what that means, but when you figure it out, know that I am in.” For that vote of confidence, Rich is my hero. (Lydia too.)

Who knows what heroes Week 2 will bring? We definitely need one more.

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